What does “CUUSOO” mean and how do you pronounce it?

CUUSOO is a Japanese word that translates loosely into English as “wish” or "to wish something into existence.” So, LEGO® CUUSOO is your LEGO wish. It is pronounced "KOO-soh," with the emphasis on the first syllable.

For more background on the Japanese meaning, here's an explanation from our partners at CUUSOO System, including the Kanji characters used:
  • 空 CUU is written with Kanji character that symbolizes Sky. It also represents a state of nothing-ness. It is the ultimate state of mind where you are free from any constraints and can be what you are.
  • 想 SOO is written with Kanji character that symbolizes IMAGINE. It also has a nuanced meaning of LONGING FOR. SOO is a concept that resides somewhere between WANT and THINK.
Thus, 空想 CUUSOO translates as WISHFUL THINKING. We like to say it means "to wish something into existence.”

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