May I collaborate with other users on a project?

Yes. You are welcome to collaborate with others on LEGO® CUUSOO projects, for example by having more than one builder, or dividing roles between builder and project promoter.

We need to make sure we have permission from each builder, so we’ve created these steps for collaborative projects. Please complete these steps within one week of starting any collaborative project: 

  1. Decide on your roles. Which team members will play what roles? Who will build, who will promote? Who will lead on decisions? Have a clear agreement amongst yourselves before getting started so everyone knows what is expected of themselves and others. The project owner has the final say on who is involved in the collaboration, as our agreement is with them. 
  2. Agree on the division of royalties. Our agreement per the Terms of Service is made only with the LEGO CUUSOO user who creates the project. Your team is responsible to agree amongst yourselves on credit and the division of royalties. We recommend you do this in writing before beginning your collaboration. We do not arbitrate conflicts between team members, you are responsible for working out any differences yourselves. 
  3. Set up your collaborative project. You should clearly identify your LEGO CUUSOO project as collaborative in the description, and include the usernames of all confirmed team members. 
  4. Please have all team members set up a LEGO CUUSOO account. Everyone needs to agree to the Terms of Service, Guidelines, and House Rules to be involved with a collaborative project. 
  5. Each team member must email us the following within one week. Each team member must email us at from the email address associated with their LEGO CUUSOO account with the following statement: 

I, USERNAME, am collaborating with PROJECT OWNER on the following project (URL). I agree to allow my original work to be included in the project per the LEGO CUUSOO Terms of Service. I also understand that the LEGO Group’s agreement is with the primary project owner, and I am responsible to agree with that person regarding the division of royalties should the project be commercialized as a LEGO product. 

That’s it! Once you have followed these steps, you can work together and include original models by multiple builders who give their consent to participate and collaborate. Please note that collaborative projects that do not complete these steps within one week may be subject to removal. 

Please note that project owners are responsible for notifying us of new collaborators or users who are no longer collaborating within one week of reflecting the change on the project. If a collaborator leaves a project, the project owner is no longer allowed to use the former collaborator’s work in any way associated with the project.

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