Some projects are using social networks and blogs to get supporters, is that against the rules?

Not at all! In fact, connecting your LEGO® CUUSOO project with a passionate audience outside of the site is strongly encouraged.

It can be difficult to get 10,000 supporters without promoting your project outside of CUUSOO, especially within a short time period.It will benefit your project if you campaign on a variety of blogs, fan forums, and social networks. Good luck on your journey to 10,000!

Let Fellow LEGO fans contact you via Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr

The comments on LEGO CUUSOO are a great place to discuss projects. But sometimes you want to have longer discussions with your friends on LEGO CUUSOO, whether you’re collaborating on the project, want to talk about your LEGO hobby, or even strike up a friendship. However, our House Rules don't allow off-topic conversation in the comments, so how do you talk to fellow LEGO fans?

Instead, to help you connect, you may link your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts and display them on your profile. This way, other users may contact you and connect directly. This is an opt-in feature and you can remove the links at any time.

How to Add Your Profile Links
To add these links, log in to LEGO CUUSOO and visit your My Page. Click the Account Settings link on the right sidebar, then select the “Profile” tab. You should see fields that allow you to input the URL of your Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, like in the photo below. They will show up as small icons underneath your profile photo and username on your profile page.

Example: Twitter link on a Profile Page

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