Can I use the LEGO logo in my project artwork?

LEGO CUUSOO projects must follow the Guidelines and House Rules' standards against using the LEGO logo and logos owed by the LEGO Group.We do not allow the use of logos owed by the LEGO Group, including the LEGO Logo, or, for example the Ninjago logo, the Minifigures logo, etc.

You may not display or represent the LEGO logo in any way that could imply your project is an actual LEGO product or that the LEGO Group endorses your project. This means you can't include anything that looks like our logo (including a red box) on your project images, concept box art, etc. Doing so means your project will not be approved, or could be taken down if you add a logo after your project has been published.

The only acceptable use of the LEGO logo in a LEGO CUUSOO project is if our logo is on a printed LEGO part or sticker as a part of a model. For example, suggestions to release a LEGO Store or LEGO delivery truck may contain LEGO parts showing our logo.

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